Szczenięta Owczarka Podhalańskiego

Szczenięta w hodowli: ZuzzuStyle

Data urodzenia / Date of birth: 29.04.2017

Ojciec / Father:
Georges du Domaine des Dhalbergs HDA

Informacje dodatkowe - Ojciec / Additional info - Father:

Father - Georges du Domaine des Dhalbergs HD-A, ED-0, FI CH, LT CH, C.I.B. LTW-13

Matka / Mother:
Zuzzu HDA

Informacje dodatkowe - Matka / Additional info - Mother:

Mother - Zuzzu - HD-A, ED-0, ​Jun CH Russia, CH Russia, CH Finland, CH Belarus, CH Romania, Grand CH Romania, CH Bulgaria, Grand CH Bulgaria, CH Balkan, CH Poland, CH Lituania, CH Estonia, 6 x CH RKF, 27 x ВОВ.

Oddział ZKWP / Other: Zagranica / Foreign countries

Dodatkowe informacje o miocie / Additional info about Litter:

The parents are absolutely healthy. As I have already written, they were tested for a dysplasia HD-A, ED-0. It is very important for dogs of generous size. The size of the parents is as it should be according to the standart (it very important point).
The are poised, kind, they love children, they are well socialized. They have security qualities combined with love and obedience. According to the standard there shouldn't be a former finger on their hinder legs. All the puppies were born without this finger. It is very good.

 The female is unique because of the fact that she has taken all the best from her mother (Zuzzu). She us quiet, clever, mobile. She eats very well. There are no such dogs in the Russian Federation. It is the Finnish and French blood. We was for mating in Finland. 

I want to say your atention to the fact that I would like to send all my puppues to Europe. I want to send them to people who will care about them and who will be deal with mating these dogs. The puppies will leave Russia with chips and all papers FCI. I am able to put an brand on an ear if you want me to do it. Also you can give a name to your puppy yourself. This name should start with letter "A".


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Właściciel / Owner:
Irina Grekova

Adres / Address:

141435 Moscow

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